Friday, October 18, 2019

Wake up more beautiful
Wake up more beautiful
We all want our faces to look beautiful in the morning. The bathroom cabinet is full of toiletries and makeup. From the anti-wrinkle serum just released to the primer that ensures durability and the glossy, transparent powder that absorbs the gloss. We do not say this arbitrarily but statistics confirm it. In 2019 the world turnover of toiletries will reach the astronomical sum of $ 130 billion. 
Although we are investing time and money in the cosmetics we use during the day, it is best not to neglect skin care at the most important stage of its renewal: at night. After all, our bodies never stop working - even when we sleep. Especially then.

Four face masks that will give you radiant skin
The sun and sea water tend to dehydrate your skin and leave it dull and dry. So to reverse the damage and give your face all the moisture it needs you only have to visit your kitchen. There you will find natural ingredients to make the best homemade face masks.

So let's see what you will need and how to quickly and easily make your own face masks.

Sunscreen: The mistakes you should avoid when applying it.

We may all know the importance of using sunscreen to protect ourselves from the harmful sunlight, but we do not all apply our sunscreen properly. So let's see what are the most common mistakes we make when applying sunscreen.

We keep last year's sunscreen

The sunscreen left over from last summer has been exposed to high temperatures and sunlight, resulting in its composition being deteriorated and not having the same activity.

Want a lasting tan? Follow this tip

Want a lasting tan? Follow this tip
Want a lasting tan? Tanning always highlights our summer looks and flatters our body, as it automatically makes us look a few pounds thinner.

Of course, the main tip to keep in mind before sun exposure is to apply a sunscreen with a high level of protection on the face and body, as well as to repeat the sunscreen frequently.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Five tips for shaving with durability

Every summer we fight a daily battle against unwanted hair growth. So, learn how to ensure gentle feet for more days.
The only way to get rid of one and good with unwanted hair is laser. But because most women rely on the shaving method to get smooth legs, the classic summer wonder is what we can do to keep shaving for a few more days.

How to properly apply your blush

Blush is an essential element of our makeup, as it gives a youthful glow to our face. Suffice it to say, of course.
Even if you are not a beginner in makeup, there are always useful tricks that can make you better.
Rouge is a staple in makeup because if you miss it, your face will look inappropriate, and if you overdo it, the effect will be funny.

Hair care tips without scissors

Known to all of us as hair, the "opening" at the tip of the hair, is the key indication that you have to do something with the condition of your hair, as they show you that they are suffering and need urgent care.

How irritating it is to take care of your hair from morning to night and finally not have the hair you want. Most of the time this is due to various factors and one of them is the shear.